My Gift To You: Signatory Agent List For Writers


Robust list of agents and tips on how to contact.

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My Gift to you painted in a red bow! 


I know that this blog is very long, but I hope that it will help writers. I am ALL for helping any writer. As someone who is seeking an agent, I know others will benefit, too. This was given to me by another writer and I am passing it on. I hope that someone’s agent is in this list! Good luck and best of all, keep writing! This is the list for the EAST COAST!

 Signatory Agency List 


250 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013, (212) 767-7837

Before sending a completed script: We suggest that the individual first write or telephone the agency, detail your professional and/or academic credentials and briefly describe the nature of the material you desire to submit. The agency will then advise the individual whether it is interested in receiving the material with a view…

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Character Development: The Back Alley


Excellent recommendations on character development

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Crystal Vicott is a 30-something journalist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her boss, Matthew, calls her a wild child given her passion for travel, her propensity for appalling language, and her trigger hair temper. When Crystal isn’t writing post cards to past loves located in all corners of the globe, she is acting as a camera woman for an indie film crew and smoking joints on the patios of public restaurants.

I love Crystal. I love her blond braids and spunk attitude. I love how she sunbathes even though she knows it’s dreadful for her. I love her sexually free nature and her hidden romantic side. I love her banner carrying disposition, the way she’s always got some cause to fight or some oppressed class to defend.

Crystal isn’t real, though. She’s an entirely fictional character from a current novel I’m working on, but I love her nonetheless.

Personally, I feel that…

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How to Start Your Novel


Good information

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By Chuck Sambuchino

medium_2429133381One of the most common reasons why agents and editors stop reading sample pages is simply that the story starts too slow. Gone are the days when a book could “get good on page 12.” We also can no longer compare our writing to classic works or even books written 30 years ago that started slow and found marketplace success.

Today’s novels — especially debut novels — must grab readers from the first page, the first paragraph, even the first sentence.

Despite the fact that the importance of starting strong appears to be well known by most aspiring writers, people still have a hard time with it.

I was freelance editing a client’s first 15 pages last year and was dismayed to see that all 15 pages simply described a mystical woman walking across the desert heading for task at a faraway location. There was no…

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Thanksgiving Dinner

thanksgiving-dinner_wmdsfmagAround this time of year, families come together for Thanksgiving.  It’s the occasion of giving thanks for our blessings over a feast. We commemorate the occasion by watching parades and eating til our heart’s content while swapping stories and funny anecdotes across the dining room table.  And after all the feasting, we either fall sleep, put away the remnants of our meal, or play in the annual Turkey Bowl game.  And while all of this provides great memories, there are some who miss out on the very holiday that we enjoy.

Reflecting on the latter sentence, our minds may immediately go to thoughts about the homeless.  It is true that many of these individuals and families do not have a place to lay their heads let alone share a Thanksgiving meal.   If you have never served or volunteered during the holidays by feeding the homeless, let me tell you it’s an unforgetable experience.

There are some who just want to eat a hot meal and not be bothered, and others who will tell you their entire life’s story.  And no matter which case, the truth is that they are still human beings and deserve respect regardless of the situation that may have landed them where they are.

But there’s still others who miss out on sharing Thanksgiving with loved ones.  It may be the neighbor down the street who has no family,  a co-worker who isn’t able to make it out-of-town, or even the elderly that reside in nursing homes and residential complexes.  For these individuals, Thanksgiving may be a hurtful reminder that they are alone with feelings that they are forgotten and unloved.

The purpose of creating this post is to encourage those who may read it to remember, and if possible, invite someone to share Thanksgiving with you.  You may find that your “family” and memories may expand a lot more than you ever expected.


XOXO, Melanie Dawnn


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Response to Quantum Leap Challenge


Unfortunately, I did not receive a single entry for the Quantum Leap Challenge. I did however, get a lot of likes and favorites here and on Twitter. That’s a good thing. At least it got people to thinking and considering.  But alas, the show must go on.  Below is my spin on Quantum Leap Challenge. Enjoy!

If I had to choose a moment in history to revise, it would be when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden. I wouldn’t change that God made them or gave her to him. What I would change is the curiosity in human nature to go towards something forbidden. Obviously God knew why they shouldn’t eat from the tree and what would happen if they did. I believe He didn’t share the information to see if they trusted His wisdom and ability to care for them. Even during that time, free will was granted. It’s evident through Eve’s ability to walk away from what she knew to what was curious or tingling to the ears and eyes. And the same goes for Adam.

Anywho, if I could change that moment, it would be that Eve would remember what God said and turn away. She’d tell Adam about the experience as a way of warning and emphasize that God knows best. This other creature (i.e. snake, satan) was unfamiliar and had not proven himself, so until he did, why ruin a good thing, right?

What I think would have come from this change is that we would never die, childbirth may not be painful or as bloody, and we’d experience the good things that God has to offer. My imagination believes that this would be none of the illnesses that could have taken loved ones past or present, violence would be an idea and not necessarily an action. Better yet, would we even know anything other than love?

As I ponder the prior question, I think about how slick satan tries to be. If he didn’t get to Adam and Eve, he would have tried to get someone in the history of mankind. But would the impact have been the same? Or worse? Either way, when a slip-up happened, Jesus would still be necessary. And aren’t we thankful for that?

 XOXO, Melanie Dawnn


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How To Write A One-Page Synopsis


This is quite helpful.

Originally posted on Writers Write:

We know how much writers dislike writing a book synopsis. When we saw this brilliant article by Susan Dennard we knew we had to share it with you. Here is a shortened version.

Three Rules of Thumb

Rule of thumb:You should only name three characters in a short synopsis – usually, the protagonist, antagonist, and possible love interest/side-kick. All other characters should be referred to by their roles, e.g., the waitress, the mother.

Rule of thumb: You must tell the ending! The purpose of a synopsis is to show an editor/agent you can tell a story from beginning to end. You will not entice them into reading your whole MS if you don’t share the ending.

Rule of thumb: Do not include sub-plots unless you have extra space at the end. Stick to the main plot events.

11 Synopsis Points

1. Opening image

An image/setting/concept that sets the…

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*** Quantum Leap Challenge ***

wpid-wp-1413421170094.jpegOver the last few weeks, I’ve been in writing prompt heaven.  And now that Musings by Melanie Dawnn is about to turn 1, I wanted to commemorate the occasion with something creative and interesting – a writing challenge!

The goal of the challenge is to encourage subscribers and visitors of the blog to put their thinking caps on, and write about a specific topic from a different perspective.  So, without further adieu, here are the challenge details….

1. Pick a person from any era, and relive/rewrite history (similar to Sam Beckett’s character on Quantum Leap).  Describe what you’d change and why.  Include what impact you think this would make on history.


2. Choose a point in your own life you’d like to go back and rewrite. Give insight on what you’d do differently.  How do you think this would change the outcome of your life?  What affect would this change have on the world and/or those you care about?

Have fun with this challenge!  Think outside the box.  Be as creative and descriptive as you want.   Submit a link to your post in the comments section below by November 14th.  If selected, your post (and blog/website) will be showcased on Musings by Melanie Dawnn on November 17th.

Looking forward to reading your posts.  Good luck and Happy Leaping!!! :-)

 XOXO, Melanie Dawnn

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